TRACEY is a communications professional by day, yoga and musicals enthusiast by night. Her love of true crime was nurtured in her first few gigs working at network TV in NYC, then she moved to DC where she found the love of her life -- Liz & Steph, not Craig, although also Craig, I guess. When she’s not singing Disney songs, cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins, or precariously driving the mountain roads of Colorado -- you can find her cuddling her cocker spaniel Puddles or her two rescue cats, Rosaline and Macbeth. Tracey is about three days old in salad years, and it shows.


LIZ is from Boston - and before anyone asks, specifically from Dorchester, so yes, the real Boston and not the Boston area like all you liars and fakes out there. But she's totally not a #Masshole. She is a scientista by day and cornhole champion by night. When not saving the environment, or taking care of the business end of Harpy Hour so we don’t go bankrupt, Liz enjoys making gourmet burgers and boozy cupcakes, planning elaborate theme parties, and getting blitzed (Dutch Blitz, that is). Swipes left on vegans.


STEPH gets “Jersey mad” if you argue with her about bagels. She saves lives in an emergency room by day, and frequents her own emergency rooms at night with her various injuries. She says she moved to Hawaii so she can dive on the daily, but we all know it’s because she can’t take the cold on the mainland. When not ruining things for her friends (#StephRuinsEverything), you can find her mastering French macarons, ruling Catan, planning her next international adventure or snuggling with her rescue kitties, Oliver and Cheddar. Unapologetic height supremacist.